Exporting to TTF

You can generate TTF files, with support for metadata.

Import TTF

If the font is a pixel font, the importer tool will auto-detect the right font size and convert it to our internal format for editing.

Load/save with an internal format

Plain text internal format, it plays well with version control systems, diffs and potential external tools.

Character/glyph editor

The actual editor where you draw and erase pixels is very responsive, with smooth zoom and pan, thanks to being implemented using graphics shaders.

Unicode support

Any codepoint can be edited up to U+FFFF. Other ranges and collections of glyphs (like ASCII, Google Fonts or language based) are also shown for convenience.

Text preview

Write your own text, select from a list of texts (e.g. pangrams) or show all glyphs in the font. When editing, the text is automatically updated, so you can see the glyphs edited in context.

Undo system

Infinite undo and redo history.


You can have multiple font projects open at the same time and switch between them. Each one has its own undo stack.

Auto-crash detection

Whenever the app doesn't close properly (hopefully never), at next startup you'll have the ability to collect diagnostics information in a zip file in order to send it as a bug report.


If you're not happy with the light theme, there's a dark theme as well!


On first launch, there's an explanation of the different parts of the interface so that you can start using it right away.

Roadmap - potential features

  • Guidelines: customizable vertical or horizontal lines in the editor, so that you can fit the glyphs to the proper size. Also, showing the font metrics (advance, ascender, descender, etc.) in the editor itself.
  • Monospace fonts: Setting a fixed width globally for a font, displaying it as a guideline in the editor. Right now you'd have to set advance for each glyph each time.
  • Selecting characters in text preview: Instead of seeing something in the preview that you want to change and having to find that character in the selection area, you could just click on it on the preview area to select it.
  • Multiple sizes and weights for a single TTF: Currently one font is one size and one weight. A special TTF exporter would group different fonts into one, assigning each one to a size and weight, all inside the same TTF.
  • Saving text preview as PNG: Text preview could be useful if you need an image of a specific text with your font.
  • Importing and exporting other formats: Right now only TTF is supported, but there are other pixel font formats that could be useful to support.
  • Copying characters to alternative versions: When you have drawn all ASCII characters and you want to draw accented ones, this would copy "a" to "ä/á/à/â/ã/ă/å", so you don't have to re-draw the character each time, just add the accent and other modifications.
  • Autosave: Saving un-saved fonts at a regular interval to a temporary location, in case there are crashes.
  • More themes and customization